Tips for Short Answer Questions

  1. Total 10 to 12 SAQ will be there , it is the last item in the reading section.
    2. You need to answer with word or couple of words (2 /3) or one phrase
    3. Do not repeat the answers. For instance, what is the month comes between October and December – Only once you need tell like November. Do not repeat like November … November

    4. Be active through out this item/question and speak in to the microphone when it will turned ON.

    5. You need to have general knowledge and current affairs , idea bout maps, little technical knowledge as well
    6. It is a easiest part in speaking section, so so well and get full marks.
    7. In recent times , it consists of questions like – they will give one image and asked the questions in that. So, be ready for any type of questions. Normally, these image types questions come 3 to 4 nos.
    However in some cases may not.

Tips for Short Answer Questions

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