Summarize Sentences Tips : 30 words

1.Skim the entire passage to get an idea of its general content. You should be able to answer the question “What is the passage mainly about?
2.Scan the entire passage for key words and phrases. Words and phrases that are repeated throughout the passage are usually important. Make a note of these.
3.If there are multiple paragraphs, the first paragraph will typically be an introduction to the topic, and will often include a brief description of what will be discussed.
4.The last paragraph will typically close with a conclusion
5.Each paragraph will have its own topic sentence expressing the main idea. Typically, the topic sentence is the first sentence of the paragraph (Rest of things are supporting arguments)
6.The task of summarizing a multi-paragraph passage is sometimes made easier by briefly summarizing each paragraph first, and then combining these summaries into a single summary.Make a brief summary of each paragraph as you finish reading it. You do not need full sentences at this point.
7.Keep your summary to a maximum of 30 words. The response box has an indicator that will tell you how many words you have written. If you are getting close to your word limit, but still need to write more, edit your sentence to remove unnecessary words, especially adjectives. These can often be omitted.
8. use punctuations like comman,colon,apastrophe, ETC. You have to use the full stop in the end of the sentence….

Summarize Sentences Tips : 30 words

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