Strategy for PTE academic – Success

Following is the strategy that I can suggest.

  1. Familiarity with computer based test.
    As it is computer based, time bound exam, having a better typing speed will help. I am a software developer and can touch type, this was one of the reason I could finish exam in two hours. So in case you have slow typing speed try to improve it a bit.
  2. Get to know each question type in all sections.
    You can get information on what to expect in each question type under each section on youtube or on (Paid). You can also learn what are the best way to solve each question type. This is a must for good score. E.g. reorder paragraph can be solved better using instructions given in youtube video and they are (I heard) worth 20 points each.
  3. Try to give a sample exam on web sample paper will cost you 35$ ( ~2300INR ) and it will be exact replica of original test. You will get scores for it and will know what sections to improve (Eg. I had low score in written discourse and so read more on how to structure a good essay). Much better than giving exam twice.
  4. Make notes on each type of questions (Very important)
    I had made a list of all question types and marked them easy/medium/hard during my preparation. I had marked re tell lecture/repeat sentence hard, but slowly learned which questions should be made quick notes for (Re tell lecture) and which one should only be solved based on memory (repeat sentences). In the end I had reached all question types marked as Easy. Believe me 3 second rule and even otherwise repeat sentence looks tough but after practice it is one of the easy ones.
  5. Make note of flow of exam.
    This one is included in fourth point as well. Along with notes on each question, make notes section wise, try to learn which question follows which one. Describe image is followed by Retell lecture and is quite a change as Re tell lecture sometime come with a image causing confusion. This will keep you well prepared, though I am not sure if this same flow is always followed
Strategy for PTE academic – Success

One thought on “Strategy for PTE academic – Success

  1. har says:

    have seen before,a list writing topics and list of ideas related to writing in pte academic.. but now i m unable to find them here.. can u please post that link hereee..


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