Multiple Choice Question Tips

For the multiple choice question you have to be quite sure of the answers. I suggest, DO NOT TICK WHAT YOU’RE UNSURE OF. Do not! You will lose marks for the incorrect one. 

Only tick the ones you are sure of. Generally, there are 2-3 correct answers. There could be more as well but thats the general case. 

To find out the answer, first read the question. Read all the answer options as well. Then you know what you are seeking for. This will avoid reading without motive. Now you have a motive to search for the specific answer that you are looking for. There should be some keywords relating to the question of the words mentioned in the question. 

The answers are generally almost straightforward. Do not overthink or misinterpret the question. Tick the ones you are sure of. 

Do practice speedreading. Practice paragraph reading. Passages arent very difficult to understand but the answer options are generally tricky. Dont assume the answer yourself. Only answer the question based on the information in the passage. Do not use your own intellect. You might know something is true but if that isnt mentioed in the paragraph assume it as false or unmentioned. 

Gets easier through practice. Practice atleast 50 paragraphs. You will gain confidence. Start reading and grasping. Understand as you read.

Multiple Choice Question Tips

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