PTE speaking guidelines

For speaking take care of these:
1. Get to the test center early (if possible be the first person) and ask the administrator to give you a corner seat, so you’ll have only one neighbor and hence is relatively more peaceful.
2. Sit upright and take a deep breath before you start, that will help. Speak clearly and loudly (don’t shout though  ). And don’t think you are disturbing other test takers by speaking loudly, that should be the last thing on your mind. One way to check your decibel levels is to observe the decibel meter while taking the practice tests. Try to hit the high greens and low reds.
3. Mind the “read aloud” items, you can maximize your speaking score by reading word by word, pronouncing each one clearly however if you don’t take care of word stress and rising and falling intonation patterns your reading score will suffer.
4. For describe image and re-tell lecture it is absolutely important to speak the full 40 secs. Its okay, for a couple of items, to not finish your sentence completely before the recording stops, but you should always speak for the full allotted time. Fluency over content, avoid “aah” and “hmm”, you can say “let me see”, “let me refer my notes” etc.
5. For describe image, have strategies for different types of images. What is your strategy for a bar graph, a line graph, a pie chart and a table? Once you decide strategy for each type, use google images to practice that strategy.
6. “Answer short questions” is the easiest of the lot, just mind the pronunciation.
7. “Repeat sentence” was the most difficult for me. But with a right strategy you can ace it. For example if you have to repeat “The director’s office has moved to the second floor of the administration building”, while listening to the audio you can quickly jot down the first letter of each word. In this case that would be T D O H M T T S F O T A B. You may not be able to finish it by the time the audio clip ends but you can take an extra second to complete it, remember you have 3 seconds before which you have start your response. You need some practice to ace this strategy so don’t try it directly in the exam. Practice it a lot and get comfortable with the strategy before the test.

PTE speaking guidelines

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