Sample PTE strategy


1. Repeat Sentence: – Try to do your level best on this. I think this part carry the maximum points. Need paramount concentration on it. I closed my eyes and imagine the speaker & topics, this helped me.

2. Describe Image: – Don’t ever try to describe full content. Summary, Highest/minimum information, conclusion (if possible). Must ignore any pause but don’t speak fast and ensure your word is clear to understand. Try to use this words; Gradually, Steep rise, increase, fluctuating, remain stable/steady, surge, the largest group of people, the least common answer, southeast corner of the room/map/layout and so on.

3. Retell Lecture: – Again content is not important but ensure you can speak 40 seconds. Ignore “aah”, “hmm” and other paused sound as much as possible; just speak normal voice with fluency.

4. Question/Answer: – Try to listen the question properly. Sometimes they give some image or graph and ask question from it. If not sure the answer then repeat the question or mention both the option when try to choose one. I guess this section content less marks. I know some person in this forum who did not answer 3~4 questions but secure 90 in speaking.

Last not the least, try to practice speaking in noisy environment such as put the BBC on in TV then practice your speaking. I found that exam hall was noisy and everyone is shouting during speaking.

One more thing, grammar is not important in speaking (need comment from expert). Hence, main focus should be fluency and punctuation.


I think, this part is the most easiest one at-least compare with IELTS who suffers 0 .5 mark there 🙂

All the topics are repeated, so it is easy to get the idea before sitting for exam. However, must practice typing with those known topics within given time frame.

Ensure proper grammar and vocabulary. I have to use some predetermine vocabulary lists in my exam.. Some of them are as follows:-

Bolster, impeccable, indispensable, parochial attitude, fathom, laudable effort, crux, unbridled/bridled, formidable, inundate, inevitably, jeopardize, emancipation, itinerary, overwhelming, tremendously and so one.

All these words are easy to fit any sentence and increase your vocabulary marks and use connecting words like furthermore, moreover, hence, in addition, besides, nevertheless, nonetheless, although, even though , while, Indeed, in fact, finally, Lastly, In conclusion etc..

Last not the least, ensure there will be no spelling mistakes. But again I am not the expert, this is my personal strategy.


This section is definitely hard compare with IELTS at least for me. My grammar understanding is very poor which was also difficult to improve within a very short time specially the phrasal verb, collocation. At the same time, I got little assistance to improve my marks in this section from others. Hence, I made some strategy with some personal observation.

1) I ensured that my 10/11 questions from fill in the blanks and read & writing questions should correct.
2) I Skipped the Multiple choose questions as it was killing my times. Furthermore, it also contain negative marking if answer choose is wrong.
3) Utilize time in single multiple choose and reorder paragraph. However, my reorder paragraph was very tough compare with my previous exam. Hence, I was nervous to clear the target score. Anyway, I survive..

Now, it was my strategies based on my weakness and strongest points. You can also prepare for yourself according to your need if you are facing hurdle in this section.


In my opinion it is easy to get point in this section and don’t need to make any special strategy for it . However, in my own observation, Highlight Correct Summary, Highlight incorrect words, write from dictation secure more marks(may be I am wrong as well) and ensure spelling marks in “write from dictation” section.

On the whole, I believe, concentration is very vital in PTE-A exam, be confident about yourself and don’t lose hope or disoriented until the exam is finished.

The structure of this exam is totally diffferent compare with IELTS. Therefore, if you decide to give PTE then try your level best with preparation before fueling money. Nevertheless, may be you will not cross the branch mark (All module 65/79) in your first attempt and you need to face the same obstacle again for another attempt like me.

Another Experience

Thanks to my GOD that I passed this exam. Ielts made me think that my Enlgish is not good enough and too much failure made me somehow hopeless, but I needed and tried and with my first pte attempt I got +65. 
My best mark in IELTS was:
L 8

I took it in Brisbane, Navitas centre and the results released in less than 24 hours.
The price is similar to IELTS, but if you put PTE2015 (capital without space) in promotion code during the registration, it will give you 10% off.

I read almost 160 page of this thread and my advices are not far from the others, just emphasizing them, so in order to get good marks I encourage you to read them as much as you can.


read aloud: At first you might think it is an easy task, but if you try some sentences, you’ll see you cannot read it clearly, fluently and without disturbing pauses. Pronunciation and fluency is really important, and you have read like a news reader on TV. Watch your tone, intonation, rises and falls.
Practice as much as you can and you’ll be alright.

Describe image: Note that your response time is only 40 seconds, and the information shared on the screen is usually too much, so there isn’t enough time to tell them all and it is not wise to do so. Start with an introduction and speak fluently and clearly in 30 -35 secs. It is ok if you cannot cover all the info, only focus on extreme figures. This is similar to IELTS academic writing task 1.
Sentences like below are good:

The graph provides information about…
The map illustrates …

the trend has a significant increase
sharp fall
remained unchanged…
Retell lecture:
focus on the lecture. No need to write down everything the lecturer says. Just take a note about the topic and important categories and stuff. With only 40 seconds describe it fluently and clearly:
the lecture is about…
the lecturer stated that…

Answer short question:
It is about your general knowledge, and you have to practice to become good. The only hard part is when the question is read too quick.

My speaking part was the lowest because I didn’t stick to upper rules completely!
it’s easy, get the whole idea and convert it into one sentence.
Write essay:
It’s like Ielts writing task 2. Spelling and grammar is important. Check word by word and proofread your work. Be aware of time.

have various parts and since the exam is ACADEMIC, you’ll see many new words. The use of collocations is really important and common. Watch your time and practice a lot. Do not stuck in one question and if you miss one do not panic and stay focused.

It’s really important to concentrate and focus the entire time.

About sources:
definitely buy the gold kit to prepare yourself and become familiar with exam. They are harder than the real exam.
– offline practice test
– macmillan
– practice test plus
and check the Google docs about the exam essay questions. They really help. Actually my essay question was among those questions and I had practiced it. 

The last thing about the exam is that, at the first part of each part it introduces the whole part, and then goes through the parts without warning, so you have to be prepared and careful cause timer is counting down quickly.

I definitely suggest you to switch to PTE or TOEFL.
Practice as much as you can and you’ll see the results. Because with practicing you see that you are improving.

Sample PTE strategy

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