Question: Scientists are constantly exploring other planets rather than solving problems of their own planet. Do you think they should explore or try to evade the problems of earth .

Answer: Evidently, human species have always demonstrated an insatiable quest to discover something new. Space exploration is perfect selection to epitomise this quest. However, are my of people entirely condemn the idea of spending heaps of amounts on such endeavour. This essay would discuss this issue in detail.

Vividly, commencement of space exploration,since 1960’s, have brought countless advantages to humanity, wireless communications through mobile, radio, internet are outcome of space exploration only by using satellites. It is irrefutable that the planet earth , already teeming with humanity, will be overcrowded and the dearth of space on this planet is imminent. Therefore, billions of dollars are being spent to search life-like signs on other planets of Galaxy. Already the efforts have started paying off as scientists have found life sustaining elements , water and breathable air,on Mars. Some of the predictions are even made to make leisure trips for people to other planets.

On the contrary, a group totally opposes such kind of spendings as they reckon that planet earth needs attention to make it secure and worth-living. Firstly, some people are facing problems like malnourishment and have died due to insufficient food and health care services. Moreover, significant chunk of population is deprived of education due to lack of funds to support. Thus, wasting money on making trips to other planets just to collect few pebbles from there makes no sense. The money spent on such ventures has no direct outcome as it takes a number of decades to make any discovery, whereas, money spent on education and health gives direct result of improved wellbeing.

After pondering over a great deal of thought of both sides, I opine that a right balance needs to be sought as both the aspects are of paramount value and need attention and funding.


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