PTE Expert book

PTE Expert book

22 thoughts on “PTE Expert book

  1. rcp says:

    First of all thank you very much for your all information and helps. I’m from turkey and I have to pass 60 to apply phd program. But my four times in exam I could not take 60 I remained 47. I think I’m doing somethings wrong. I need that books, please upload full pages please.
    Thanks for all.


  2. God bless you all. The copy of Expert B1 Coursebook is incomplete; it only contains the first 56 pages. Has any kind soul here got a full copy and the Official Guide to PTE Academic?


    1. jumping in your conversation after passing the PTE last year..unfortunately I don’t have the documents on my computer anymore. And I had bought the book, but I am not in my home at the moment. STILL one solution: I was struggling like you do, and I finally found everything and much more even (practices, PTE Academic with without correctiions, students’ own material , word lists, tips and …) in this application (kind of GoodReader fotr pdf) . You need to search PTE EXPERT, PTE, etc…SO: SCRIBD, an app for ipad , maybe iphone. not sure they have the B! but this is also excellent practice.



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