Nice Blog on English

Nice Blog on English

Tips for describe Image

Tips for describe images
# Identify the graph
# Use six different words for shows ( illustrates,manifests,elucidates,explicitly states,represents,depicts)
# Rephrase the tag line .
# The data is calibrated in units( millions).
# In the stipulated time of ( given period of time ) of 1990-2010.
# Trends to be highlighted in a concrete and meticulous way.
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Tips for describe Image


Question: Scientists are constantly exploring other planets rather than solving problems of their own planet. Do you think they should explore or try to evade the problems of earth .

Answer: Evidently, human species have always demonstrated an insatiable quest to discover something new. Space exploration is perfect selection to epitomise this quest. However, are my of people entirely condemn the idea of spending heaps of amounts on such endeavour. This essay would discuss this issue in detail.

Vividly, commencement of space exploration,since 1960’s, have brought countless advantages to humanity, wireless communications through mobile, radio, internet are outcome of space exploration only by using satellites. It is irrefutable that the planet earth , already teeming with humanity, will be overcrowded and the dearth of space on this planet is imminent. Therefore, billions of dollars are being spent to search life-like signs on other planets of Galaxy. Already the efforts have started paying off as scientists have found life sustaining elements , water and breathable air,on Mars. Some of the predictions are even made to make leisure trips for people to other planets.

On the contrary, a group totally opposes such kind of spendings as they reckon that planet earth needs attention to make it secure and worth-living. Firstly, some people are facing problems like malnourishment and have died due to insufficient food and health care services. Moreover, significant chunk of population is deprived of education due to lack of funds to support. Thus, wasting money on making trips to other planets just to collect few pebbles from there makes no sense. The money spent on such ventures has no direct outcome as it takes a number of decades to make any discovery, whereas, money spent on education and health gives direct result of improved wellbeing.

After pondering over a great deal of thought of both sides, I opine that a right balance needs to be sought as both the aspects are of paramount value and need attention and funding.


PTE academic Experience

Few tips and points for PTE Academic

1. The first tip is about concentration. I gave PTE and I realized this while giving Practice test

exams. Concentration and alertness is very important for exam. Let me give you an example, in

Describe Image item type you will be given  25 sec to study the image and 40 sec to answer.

Now the question/instruction.  will be like this :

Look at the picture/image/graph  and within 25 sec describe blah blah blah.

Don’t waste your time reading the instruction. Timer of 25 sec vl start as soon as first image appears

so don’t waste time reading instructions. You should know that it is describe image question and

what you have to do. As son as describe image question comes, start observing the

image/graph/table and utilize 25 sec fully.

And same goes for other item types. 25 sec stil is good time. In case of listening item type say

multiple choice multiple answer, a person will speak on sm topic and you hv to answer a question .

for eg.

What are the reasons for draught in Australia ?

Now the recoring will start playing in 7 secs , so that means you have only 7 sec to read the question.

Because after 7 sec, person wil start speaking so if you haven’t read the question how would u know

what to hear for ..

2. The next is about headphones. I prepared for the exam using my in-ear canal ear fones that

completely cut the outside noice and I raised my laptop volume to 80% which enabled me

tolisten for listening talks quite nicely and I thought that I would get the same environment.

Though their headphones are good  bt don’t expect the sound to be as loud as u practices ,

atleast in my case I should hv taken dis into account. During speaking tasks I could hear other

speaking which distracted me but then you have to bring in the first tip into play ie

concentration. Concentrate on ur own taks and don’t listen to wat others are saying. Don’t

worry about others voice messing up ur score bcz dere microfone is real good nd enabled for

outside noice cancellation and wil listen for ur voice only.  Try giving the exam on weekday as

their  might be less people in the room. In my case there were total 5 systems in the room and

all were occupied i.e. we all were 5 includingme..i gave on weekday but stil it was full. I drank

strong coffee 20 mins b4 the exam for concentratin and alertness levels. So you might wana do


3. Next is regarding erasable notepad. The erasable notepad has 10 pages nd is long like a long

resiter. You wil get a market. Notepad has plenty of pages so u wont run out. In rare case if you

do then you can ask for more. You cant erase d notepad with ur hands. If it finishes then you

rasie ur hand nd d examiner vl get new one. Exam wont be paused or wat for ds time . also here

also I would like to mention is that when I was preparing for the exam I used to take notes on

notepad  on laptop. My typing speed is fast and I could easily take the notes. But on real exam I

had a terrible time taking notes as I couldn’t even figure out wat I wrote. So for real simulation

while u practice take notes using pen nd paper.  And regarind note taking u hv to take notes of

only main points. Don’t try to take notes word by word

4. Now would give a general overview of different item types that might trouble you. so there are

total of 20 diff item types and out of which 3 hav negative marking. Many people including me

found describe images and retell lecture tough. So will give few tips on dem. Frankly speaking I

messed them but stil got 90 in speaking which makes me think that their AI is bit leneitn and as

long as u r contiously speaking you are good to go. Yeah also for all speaking types where you

hae to speak , if you keep quite for more than 3 sec microfone vl stop recording and your

answer will be marked as completed. Don’t that 3 sec giv u jitters as wen u actually giv tests(or

practice test) it is quite a long time ..not like 1, 2, 3 nd over…also if you stil need time to gather

ur thoughts then u can fill the gaps using ums, ahh…now you might be wondering that will ums,

ahs  etc vl decrease your points. The answer is NO as long as you are not doing them very

frequently. So that means during speaking item types you can use ums, ahss etc etc but if you

are using very very frequently then it vl casue ur scores to reduce. I did used them during repeat

sentence, describe images and retell lectures.

5. Most of the tips for describe images are in the book so you may refer that. Here I would like to

mention is how to start the describe images questions. So you will get a  graph and u hv to

describe main points in 40 sec. there wil be title or heading given for e.g

Rainfall, UK, 2001.  Followed by graph

So you start that this graph shows/depicts/describes average rainfall in mm in UK for year 2001

from Jan to Dec, or during 1999 to 2010 etc etc. .after this you can start summarizing main

points, high , lows of graph. If time permits try giving conclusion.

6. Next is retell lecture. So re-tell lecture item types comes after describe images item types. There

will be 7-8 describe images question and 2-3 re-tell lecture questions. Now what happens is that

re-tell lectures sometimes are accompanies by image/picture which might make u think that this

is another describe image question . so dis might throw u out of balance so be aware of this. For

re-tell lecture grab ur erasable noteboard nd marker and get alert .listen to the recording ,

making notes of main points, supp points, numbers, dates , percentages etc. if there is a name

of the person in the recording for eg. Dr Henry kabutz or some othe r name you need not repeat

the name while giving ur response. A simple doctor, or researcher or person is fine. Re-tell

lecture means you hv to speak the SUMMARY. So you need not repeat evathing word by word.

You just hv to give main points. So if there is an example in the recording then you need not

describe it compeltelty. You can shorten it. Here also the  key is that don’t stop speaking. Keep

speaking. Proper note taking helps a lot. Also one more tip suppose recording starts and you are

not able to listen or understand some words , don’t panic. I repeat don’t panic. Listen remaining

of the recording and  keep taking notes. Don’t worry about wat u hv missed or didn’t

understood. After the recording is over , repeat wat u understood in your own words. If you

panic then you might mes up the whole re-tell lecture. So ignore wat  you haven’t understood

and move one. There are only 2-3 re-tel l lecture so don’t worry much about them.

7. Writing is the easiest of all. Writing is the part where ielts makes us fool. In PTE it is the easiest. I

need not talk much about writing but jst exhibit range of vocabulary, spelling should be accurate

and jst follow normal ielts tips that we know. I.e. introduction, main body (2 or more para ,

conclusion. This is for essay type. In essay type cover evathing that the essay is trying to ask you.

if it asks you to give examples, references then don’t forget dem.  Next question you would ask

is hw we wil write 200-300 words essay in 20 mins. Then I think since we are from IT we wont

have any issues. Also there is cut, copy paste available which you can utilize. Also word count

will appear below the area where you are typing so don’t worry about you exceeding the

number of words unlike ielts .

The other task in writing is summarizing written text. Here there will be a paragraph and you have to

summarize it in ONE LINE. I repeat 1 LINE AND should be between 5- 75 words.  There is another item

type in listening namely  SUMMARIZE SPOKEN TEXT. Here you will listen to a recoring and summarize,

however the diference is that in latter you can write more than 1 line. However in former you have to

summarize in ONE LINE. You wil get 10 mins for this. Many ppl find this as tough as how to summarize a

paragraph. Key here is to find topic sentences, main points and using your words, synonyms to

summarize the paragraph. I don’t think so you will find issues in this. You can easily do it. Jst keep in

mind that you have to summarize a paragraph so you have to understand what the paragraph is about

and wat it is trying to communicate. Try to show range of vocabulary, spelling.

Since we are talking abot writing one important tip is puncatuatino. It is very important in all writing

tasks. So things like Capital letters appropriately (start of sentence, nouns), then commas,semicolons etc

should be put wherever necessary. Another is to practice spelling of confusing words like believe ,

achieve etc etc .

Lastly don’t worry muh about writing as it is easiest of all.

8. Speaking and Writing will happen in one go i.e. together.  In case of writing you have 10 mins for

summarizing text. Don’t think that if you complete it b4 10 , then remaining time wil be added in

next section. Afer this we have reading section which is a bit tough because time is less. Time for

reading varies between 32-41 mins and in this time you have to complete 13-17 item types. The

reading item types ARE NOT indivual item types. So once you complete the question ,move on

to next. In reading the tip I can give u is read fast. Wen u read fast it not only wil save time bt

wen we read fast we understand and fathom much easy compared to wen we read slow and

word to word. Here also keep track of time. Don’t panic. Don’t rush. Read the question for

multiple choice question clearly. Sometimes they put NOT so beware of that. For eg. What is the

speaker NOT trying to say ? in reading section tthere is one item type namely multiple choce,

choose more than one option that has got negative marking so choose the options wisely. A

similar item type is there in listening as well.  Re-order paragraphs are not difficult and you will

do them. for rest of sections key is to read fast and try to understand what the topic is about,

what the writer is trying to say. Understanding the writers intention is very important .

9. After reading section there will be 10 mins break. Insructino for break wil be communicated you

in start of the test so don’t worry about that. After 10 mins the last section is listening section

and it is also easy. After writing this is the easiest section.  Here also you have to show in your

concentration and listening skills. You can increase your headset volume . this should be done

infact at the start of the test.  In listening section there can be multiple speaker with different

accents so it is possible one person is speaking first 4 lines and rest by other speaker. Don’t let

that distract you. most of the item types are easy and I feel you wil be good to go.

10. There is one more item type that I missed that people face problem in speaking section viz

Repeat sentence. Here you wil hear a sentence and you have to repeat  it exactly as you hear it.

You need not show accent like the speaker but u can use stress and intonation as necessary. The

key to repeat sentence is don’t try to remember it (memory do  play a role) but try to

understand the sentence, menaing of sentence for e.g  the library is located northwest of the

chemistry lab. If you focus on meaning then our brain has more chance of repeating it. Also in

this item type you have to hold the sentence in your brain cache for few sec. what happens is

that you will hear a recording and then microphone will open after some time so once it opens

you have to start speaking.

Also there are some item types in speaking which DON’T HAVE TONE.  And they are  Repeat Sentence

Item types. So in this item type you have to speak as soon as recording appear(ofcourse u can leverage 3

sec period, vich believe me is not that panicking as it seems).

11. Also in the shared drive I have kept few pdfs downloaded from longsman website .there are

total of 20 pdfs corresponding to each item type along with practice questions. If you have time

you can read specific pdfs as per the topic you find you are having touble with.

12. Regarding listening item types Write after dictation , this one is similar to repeat sentence , the

difference being in repeat sentence we have to speak and this one we have to write.  Here since

my typing speed is real fast so I thought I will write as the speaker is speaking. While this is

possible I couldn’t do it and used to miss few words. So wat I did is I heard d complete sentence,

kept in short term memory(just like repeat sentence) and then wrote it.


This is the sequence I used in order

1. Read the official book . bought from amazon for 438 along with 2 practice cd (cds are there  on

shared drive, in case smbdy has the book but not the cds). Keep in mind the book is 2012, there

is no new edition so like I said earlier that don’t expect the order to be same as given in the book

, however 80% it was same. Also the book is mostly about the format of each item type so you

have to be prepared for the format. Wat each item type rquires so you don’t waste time reading

the prompt.  While reading the book I did all the exercise that came along. I copied the audio cd

in my phone and listened to simple responses and compared with my recoreded responses(on


2. After reading the book , I knew I had trouble with describe images and re-tel lecture. So I started

watching youtube videos on describe images. Watched more than 20 diferent describe images

etc . after this I searched for graphs images on google images and then used to set the timer as

per exam timing I used to describe the graph and listened back my response. I wanted to make

sure that my describe images were perfedct b4 I gave online paid practice test A and practice

Test B. if you have bought both test , then I suggest you give practice test b4 10 days frm ur

exam so that if you fail u need to work on some item type you have couple of days b4 u give

practice test B. again this depends upon person to person. I gave practice test A 6 days b4 exam

and practice test B , one day b4 the exam. I didn’t had time to do test boosters provided along

with the practice exams but they are useful . you neeed not do dem all just do for item types

you find difficult.

3. After this I read the one thread on expat forum on the exam. It is 177 pages long and I have

summarized important points in a word document(it is on shared drivce). So you don’t have to

read that thread.

4. After this I did longsman pdfs. I did al the 20’s as I required 79 + and I didn’t wanted to leave any

stone unturned. Now I know that that I could have easily avoided reading longsman pdfs. But

they are good and 5-6 pages long. Wont hurt reading them

5. After this I did practice test A and got overall 64. I was scared of my performance on speaking as

I got 57. I knew that practice test are tougher and 64 meant I can get 79. But I speaking I was 57.

57 , again because of describe images and retell lecture. So I started preparing again. This time I

did 3 practice test  that came with CD’s . they wont assign you marks but they have sampel

asnwers which give u ideas how to respond on item types. For 3 practice test I only did speaking,

reading and listening. Writing is easy so I didn’t waste time on that. After this I gave second

practice test B and got 67 overall. Again my speaking was 59 and I was scared that even if I get

79 + in others I would get less than 79 in speaking.

6. Day of final exam. Exam was at 10:30 am in the morning in south Bombay, marine lines at

edwise centre. I reached at the venue at 8:30. So I had 2 hours. The centre was closed. It opened

at 9 am and they were good enough to allow me to come inside and sit inside ac. I sat there and

slept for 30 mins. Felt good. Then I woke up and went down and had a strong strong coffee. I

had a samosa pav wen I reached i.e 8:30. I knew that I needed concentration and alertness so I

made sure I didn’t east heavy. Finally the exam started . after the exam they gave me printout of

the confirmation of the exam. Now wat to brign at the exam. Passport  of course in original and

also printout of test  schedule . I didn’t got printout of test schedule but I had taken screenshot

it in my phone and I showed that and it worked.

PTE academic Experience

Sample PTE strategy


1. Repeat Sentence: – Try to do your level best on this. I think this part carry the maximum points. Need paramount concentration on it. I closed my eyes and imagine the speaker & topics, this helped me.

2. Describe Image: – Don’t ever try to describe full content. Summary, Highest/minimum information, conclusion (if possible). Must ignore any pause but don’t speak fast and ensure your word is clear to understand. Try to use this words; Gradually, Steep rise, increase, fluctuating, remain stable/steady, surge, the largest group of people, the least common answer, southeast corner of the room/map/layout and so on.

3. Retell Lecture: – Again content is not important but ensure you can speak 40 seconds. Ignore “aah”, “hmm” and other paused sound as much as possible; just speak normal voice with fluency.

4. Question/Answer: – Try to listen the question properly. Sometimes they give some image or graph and ask question from it. If not sure the answer then repeat the question or mention both the option when try to choose one. I guess this section content less marks. I know some person in this forum who did not answer 3~4 questions but secure 90 in speaking.

Last not the least, try to practice speaking in noisy environment such as put the BBC on in TV then practice your speaking. I found that exam hall was noisy and everyone is shouting during speaking.

One more thing, grammar is not important in speaking (need comment from expert). Hence, main focus should be fluency and punctuation.


I think, this part is the most easiest one at-least compare with IELTS who suffers 0 .5 mark there 🙂

All the topics are repeated, so it is easy to get the idea before sitting for exam. However, must practice typing with those known topics within given time frame.

Ensure proper grammar and vocabulary. I have to use some predetermine vocabulary lists in my exam.. Some of them are as follows:-

Bolster, impeccable, indispensable, parochial attitude, fathom, laudable effort, crux, unbridled/bridled, formidable, inundate, inevitably, jeopardize, emancipation, itinerary, overwhelming, tremendously and so one.

All these words are easy to fit any sentence and increase your vocabulary marks and use connecting words like furthermore, moreover, hence, in addition, besides, nevertheless, nonetheless, although, even though , while, Indeed, in fact, finally, Lastly, In conclusion etc..

Last not the least, ensure there will be no spelling mistakes. But again I am not the expert, this is my personal strategy.


This section is definitely hard compare with IELTS at least for me. My grammar understanding is very poor which was also difficult to improve within a very short time specially the phrasal verb, collocation. At the same time, I got little assistance to improve my marks in this section from others. Hence, I made some strategy with some personal observation.

1) I ensured that my 10/11 questions from fill in the blanks and read & writing questions should correct.
2) I Skipped the Multiple choose questions as it was killing my times. Furthermore, it also contain negative marking if answer choose is wrong.
3) Utilize time in single multiple choose and reorder paragraph. However, my reorder paragraph was very tough compare with my previous exam. Hence, I was nervous to clear the target score. Anyway, I survive..

Now, it was my strategies based on my weakness and strongest points. You can also prepare for yourself according to your need if you are facing hurdle in this section.


In my opinion it is easy to get point in this section and don’t need to make any special strategy for it . However, in my own observation, Highlight Correct Summary, Highlight incorrect words, write from dictation secure more marks(may be I am wrong as well) and ensure spelling marks in “write from dictation” section.

On the whole, I believe, concentration is very vital in PTE-A exam, be confident about yourself and don’t lose hope or disoriented until the exam is finished.

The structure of this exam is totally diffferent compare with IELTS. Therefore, if you decide to give PTE then try your level best with preparation before fueling money. Nevertheless, may be you will not cross the branch mark (All module 65/79) in your first attempt and you need to face the same obstacle again for another attempt like me.

Another Experience

Thanks to my GOD that I passed this exam. Ielts made me think that my Enlgish is not good enough and too much failure made me somehow hopeless, but I needed and tried and with my first pte attempt I got +65. 
My best mark in IELTS was:
L 8

I took it in Brisbane, Navitas centre and the results released in less than 24 hours.
The price is similar to IELTS, but if you put PTE2015 (capital without space) in promotion code during the registration, it will give you 10% off.

I read almost 160 page of this thread and my advices are not far from the others, just emphasizing them, so in order to get good marks I encourage you to read them as much as you can.


read aloud: At first you might think it is an easy task, but if you try some sentences, you’ll see you cannot read it clearly, fluently and without disturbing pauses. Pronunciation and fluency is really important, and you have read like a news reader on TV. Watch your tone, intonation, rises and falls.
Practice as much as you can and you’ll be alright.

Describe image: Note that your response time is only 40 seconds, and the information shared on the screen is usually too much, so there isn’t enough time to tell them all and it is not wise to do so. Start with an introduction and speak fluently and clearly in 30 -35 secs. It is ok if you cannot cover all the info, only focus on extreme figures. This is similar to IELTS academic writing task 1.
Sentences like below are good:

The graph provides information about…
The map illustrates …

the trend has a significant increase
sharp fall
remained unchanged…
Retell lecture:
focus on the lecture. No need to write down everything the lecturer says. Just take a note about the topic and important categories and stuff. With only 40 seconds describe it fluently and clearly:
the lecture is about…
the lecturer stated that…

Answer short question:
It is about your general knowledge, and you have to practice to become good. The only hard part is when the question is read too quick.

My speaking part was the lowest because I didn’t stick to upper rules completely!
it’s easy, get the whole idea and convert it into one sentence.
Write essay:
It’s like Ielts writing task 2. Spelling and grammar is important. Check word by word and proofread your work. Be aware of time.

have various parts and since the exam is ACADEMIC, you’ll see many new words. The use of collocations is really important and common. Watch your time and practice a lot. Do not stuck in one question and if you miss one do not panic and stay focused.

It’s really important to concentrate and focus the entire time.

About sources:
definitely buy the gold kit to prepare yourself and become familiar with exam. They are harder than the real exam.
– offline practice test
– macmillan
– practice test plus
and check the Google docs about the exam essay questions. They really help. Actually my essay question was among those questions and I had practiced it. 

The last thing about the exam is that, at the first part of each part it introduces the whole part, and then goes through the parts without warning, so you have to be prepared and careful cause timer is counting down quickly.

I definitely suggest you to switch to PTE or TOEFL.
Practice as much as you can and you’ll see the results. Because with practicing you see that you are improving.

Sample PTE strategy

PTE speaking guidelines

For speaking take care of these:
1. Get to the test center early (if possible be the first person) and ask the administrator to give you a corner seat, so you’ll have only one neighbor and hence is relatively more peaceful.
2. Sit upright and take a deep breath before you start, that will help. Speak clearly and loudly (don’t shout though  ). And don’t think you are disturbing other test takers by speaking loudly, that should be the last thing on your mind. One way to check your decibel levels is to observe the decibel meter while taking the practice tests. Try to hit the high greens and low reds.
3. Mind the “read aloud” items, you can maximize your speaking score by reading word by word, pronouncing each one clearly however if you don’t take care of word stress and rising and falling intonation patterns your reading score will suffer.
4. For describe image and re-tell lecture it is absolutely important to speak the full 40 secs. Its okay, for a couple of items, to not finish your sentence completely before the recording stops, but you should always speak for the full allotted time. Fluency over content, avoid “aah” and “hmm”, you can say “let me see”, “let me refer my notes” etc.
5. For describe image, have strategies for different types of images. What is your strategy for a bar graph, a line graph, a pie chart and a table? Once you decide strategy for each type, use google images to practice that strategy.
6. “Answer short questions” is the easiest of the lot, just mind the pronunciation.
7. “Repeat sentence” was the most difficult for me. But with a right strategy you can ace it. For example if you have to repeat “The director’s office has moved to the second floor of the administration building”, while listening to the audio you can quickly jot down the first letter of each word. In this case that would be T D O H M T T S F O T A B. You may not be able to finish it by the time the audio clip ends but you can take an extra second to complete it, remember you have 3 seconds before which you have start your response. You need some practice to ace this strategy so don’t try it directly in the exam. Practice it a lot and get comfortable with the strategy before the test.

PTE speaking guidelines